How to make the Best Tiger Nuts Milk!

One of the most frequent questions we get at is "How do I make Tiger Nuts Milk, and is it as good as I hear it is"?

And the answers are:

1. Easy, just watch the following video from our Chef Kimberly

2. It's not good, it is GGGRRRRRREAT! 

Isn't that too cool?

By the way we have a follow up video that shows you how to make Buttermilk Tiger Nuts Bread, using the Tiger Nuts meal you have left over from the Tiger Nuts Milk, click here for the video 

So if you would like to try this amazing Tiger Nuts Milk, all you need is some of our Premium Organic Tiger Nuts, and you are on your way to getting the "healthiest "nut free" milk you have ever tasted. Right now we have FREE Shipping when you buy 2 KILO's and you will need at least one kilo if you are serious about making Tiger Nuts Milk. Click here to go to Premium Organic Tiger Nuts FLOUR page in the Tiger Nuts store.



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