Reasons to Start Your Day with a Tiger Nut Smoothie


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Nearly 41% of American breakfast eaters take their meal on the go at least once a week according to a survey conducted by Kelton Research. This habit is just one of many reasons why the humble smoothie has become the breakfast choice of millions of Americans striving for a healthy yet convenient lifestyle. Despite countless smoothie suppliers popping up all over the US, nothing can compete with a homemade smoothie loving prepared in your own kitchen, making use of only the finest ingredients, such as tiger nuts

Benefits of starting your day with a tiger nut smoothie

A nutrient-dense smoothie is a lot easier to digest than a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast. Not only do the nutrients reach your bloodstream faster, but smoothies are also significantly easier on your digestive system. Tiger nuts are rich in zinc, copper, iron, and magnesium, which, when combined with other ingredients with revitalizing properties, can supply you with sustained energy throughout a very busy day. If you work out early in the morning you might have found that doing so on a full stomach is difficult. By having a tiger nut smoothie for breakfast you won't feel sluggish during your workout, allowing you to exercise to the best of your ability. Apart from boosting your mental and physical performance, having a smoothie for breakfast can also boost your weight loss efforts while safeguarding you against cancer, cardiac disease, and even diabetes.

Make your own energizing tiger nut smoothies

It is very easy to start your day the right way by incorporating the Tiger Nuts SMOOTHIE Mix into your favorite breakfast blend. By simply adding 3 tablespoons of the mix into your favorite ingredients and blending it together you will be left with a delicious and nutritious smoothie that will prepare you for a long day ahead. There is no wrong way to make a smoothie. As long as you stick to healthy ingredients and add enough liquid to make it drinkable you are free to experiment with all the flavor combinations you can come up with.

Oatmeal is always a winner

A smoothie consisting of banana and oatmeal is not only filled with protein and fiber but also provides immense amounts of sustainable energy. You can whip up your own delicious oatmeal smoothie by blending together 150ml (5fl oz) cow/almond/coconut milk, 25g (1oz) rolled oats, 1 ½ chopped banana, 1 tsp flax seeds, 3 tbsp tiger nut smoothie mix and a handful of ice. If the smoothie is not sweet enough, you can add a teaspoon of honey or a natural sweetener such as Xylitol or Stevia.

Green is more than a color

Green smoothies have long been touted as nutritional powerhouses and come in all shapes and sizes. You can put a deliciously-tropical twist on the traditional green smoothie by blending together a range of quality ingredients. In your blender, mix together a cup of cubed, frozen pineapple, a cup coconut milk, a handful of spinach or kale, 3 tbsp tiger nut smoothie mix, half a banana, and a tsp honey. If you want your smoothie to pack a more powerful punch you can add a scoop of Spirulina and 1 tsp of flax seeds for added benefit.

Smoothies are without a doubt one of the most interesting and versatile breakfast foods known to man. There is no limit to what you can add to your smoothie and as long as you get the basics right, you are bound to come up with some very tantalizing combinations while you experiment with various ingredients.

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Stay Healthy!

Tiger Nut Bread and Date Stuffing for the Holidays!

Our Chef Kimberly is at it again, this time it's a terrific Tiger Nut Bread and Date Stuffing for the Holidays!

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By the way if you have not heard of Tiger Nuts before, they are probably the "healthiest 'single source' snack products you can buy", and they have been around for over 4000 years. PLUS they are Gluten free, Organic, High Fiber, Low Fat, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO, Non Allergenic, Paleo and kosher too!

All of us at Tiger Nuts USA wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Bake Gluten Free Tiger Nuts Pie Crust!

The Holidays are quickly approaching & having a Gluten Free Tiger Nut Pie Crust in your repertoire is an asset!

How to Bake Gluten Free Tiger Nut Pie Crust -

Many pie crust recipes call for crumbs of different varieties, except we’re using ground tiger nuts in this instance.

Creating a pressed pie crust quite a bit quicker & easier than creating a pastry pie crust, and just as delicious!

Gluten Free Tiger Nut Pie Crust:

Web Chef Review: Organic Tiger Nuts Flour -

For this recipe, we’ve used Organic Tiger Nuts Flour. It has a similar consistency to that of using crumbs for a pressed pie crust, with a fabulous slightly sweet flavor & slightly reminiscent of coconut, to me.

Review Show: Organic Tiger Nuts Flour

How to Make Tiger Nuts Milk - 

However, you can use the leftovers of tiger nut meal from making tiger nuts milk, in the exact same measurement as the ground flour.

  • Note: If your pie plate is larger than mine, you may need to use more of the flour or meal, as necessary.

Cooking Show: How to Make Tiger Nuts Milk

Tiger nuts aren’t nuts at all – they are little tubers that grow under the ground, like potatoes or carrots do – making them perfect for those with nut allergies. Not only that, tiger nuts are full of vitamins & minerals, and are perfect for most diets.

These tiny tubers are not only gluten free, but dairy free & cholesterol free, as well as being organic, non GMO, vegetarian & vegan.

We are using this pie crust for a Blueberry Pie with Gluten Free Tiger Nut Pie Crust.

Cooking Show: Blueberry Pie with Gluten Free Tiger Nut Pie Crust

Type: Pie Recipe

Prep Time:
Bake Time:
Yield: 1 pie crust

The ingredients & instructions are listed below the video for measurements & directions. Please enjoy this webisode of Cooking with Kimberly:





  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Combine tiger nut flour, brown sugar & 5 tbsp melted butter, in a pie plate.
    • Note: Add more melted butter, 1 tbsp at a time, as necessary to reach a wet sand consistency with mixture.
    • Note: Test mixture by grabbing a handful & squeezing it, to pack it. If mixture sticks together, it is ready.
  3. Firmly & evenly, press mixture into bottom & up the sides of pie plate, to form a crust.
  4. If par-baking your crust, depending on the type of pie you are making, bake for 8 – 10 minutes, or until golden.Blueberry Pie with Gluten Free Tiger Nut Pie Crust -
  5. Cool completely, before filling, if you have par-baked the crust.

If you’re looking for a quick & easy pie crust, whether you’re short on time or confidence, this is the perfect recipe to try out.

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