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Tiger Nuts: The Superfood with the Funny Name

Never heard of Tiger Nuts? Despite their name, these little wonders aren't actually nuts at all - they're tubers that grow underground are known by various names like chufa, earth almonds, or earthnuts. But don't let their identity crisis fool you; Tiger Nuts boast a sweet, nutty flavor and a satisfying chewy texture that taste great and are seriously nutritious. Here's why Tiger Nuts are more than just a quirky snack choice:


Tiger Nuts are packed with dietary fiber, which means they'll keep your digestive system happy and you feeling fuller for longer.

Healthy Fats

Tiger Nuts boast heart-healthy fats, mainly the good old monounsaturated kind. These fats are like the superheroes of the fat world, supporting cardiovascular health.

Vitamins and Minerals

Tiger Nuts are a treasure trove of vitamins E and C, along with minerals like magnesium and potassium. These nutrients are essential for overall well-being.

No Nut Allergens

If you're waving the nut allergy flag, Tiger Nuts is your ally. It's free from common nut allergens, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Fiber Powerhouse: If your digestive health could use a boost, Tiger Nuts are your new best friend. Loaded with fiber, they keep things moving smoothly, aid in digestion, and promote a healthy gut microbiome. With around 10 grams of fiber per ounce, they're a significant source to meet your daily requirements.

Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Option: Watching your waistline? Tiger Nuts are a guilt-free snack option. With only 143 calories and 7 grams of heart-healthy fat per ounce, they offer satiety without the excess calories.

Nutrient-Rich: Tiger Nuts are like a treasure trove of
essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, and copper, catering to various aspects of your overall health from bone strength to immune function.

Antioxidant Support: Protect your cells from oxidative stress with the antioxidant power of Tiger Nuts. Packed with vitamins C and E, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, they combat free radicals and promote youthful vitality.

Blood Sugar Management: Keep your blood sugar levels in check with Tiger Nuts. They not only improve insulin sensitivity but also contain resistant starch, a type of fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

Heart Health: Your cardiovascular system will thank you for incorporating Tiger Nuts into your diet. They assist in lowering cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, and reducing inflammation, all of which contribute to a healthy heart.

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Here's how you can enjoy Tiger Nuts:

    • Use in any recipe whether you cook, bake, or create non-bake vegan meals (like Vegan Burgers)
    • Add them to salads, granola bars, trail mixes.
    • Blend them into smoothies for an extra nutritional boost.
    • Create your own nut-free Tiger Nuts Butter for sandwiches and spread for crackers and vegetables.

    • Enjoy them raw or roasted for a satisfying crunch anytime, anywhere.
    • Soaked: Soften them by soaking overnight for easier chewing and incorporate them into various dishes
  • Use Tiger Nuts Flour for a gluten-free and nut-free alternative in recipes:

    Baked goods; muffins, breads, pizza crust, pie and tarte crusts, brownies, tortillas and more.

    Vegan recipes to add bulk or as a binding agent

    Tiger Nuts Butter

    • Make some delicious Tiger Nuts Milk, creamy and nutritious for your cereal, coffee, or refreshing beverage.
    • Make a relaxing and delicious cup of Horchata!