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Probably the healthiest 'Single Source' snack food you can buy!
Are our RAW Tiger Nuts a SUPERFOOD Snack?

Well, pretty much, YES! We believe that there are no other health-snack products on the market that can offer you all the benefits of our RAW Tiger Nuts from one single source. They are the best tasting healthy snack food product that health-minded consumers, just like you, have been looking for to satisfy a snacking desire and were named by Good Housekeeping as one of the 7 Top Health Food Trends for 2015!

Tiger Nuts are NOT NUTS (they are tubers), but they are 100% Gluten Free, 100% Organic, 100% NUT FREE, 100% Allergen Free, 100% Dairy Free, High Fiber, Low in Calories & Fats, High in Nutrition, Non GMO, Paleo Perfect and they taste great like coconut!

The difference between Premium Organic and Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts is Fiber. Premium Organic have 33% fiber, our patented Supreme Peeled have 23% fiber, otherwise they have the same nutritional values.

...the only thing they’re choc full of, is natural goodness, and you can buy them right here in our on line store, or at your favorite health food store (see store locator above, for details) !                                                                








Jack SimsJim  

Chief Nuts at Tiger Nuts USA



“A Gluten Free God
does exist, and his name
is Tiger Nuts USA”


Tiger Nuts

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