3 Reasons To Ditch The Fad Diets And Indulge in Wholesome Foods Instead

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Dieting has become somewhat of a national hobby in the USA with approximately 45 million Americans engaging in some sort of diet every year, spending in excess of $33 billion on weight-loss related products and services. As more and more people strive towards obtaining a sought-after physique, more individuals are turning to ‘miracle’ weight-loss solutions and fad diets to obtain the desired results. In the process, they are shunning healthy eating habits and wholesome foods such as the nutritious and delicious tiger nut a bid to achieve the most profound results in the shortest period of time possible.

While the benefits of being vegan are almost endless, there certainly some downsides. No more treating yourself to meat and dairy filled junk. You can bring this childlike sense of wonder to your vegan focused catering event, but with a grown up twist. You can create something that holds a balance between fast food junk and a rustic, home-made feel.

While fad diets offer significant results with hardly any effort they often end up causing a lot more harm than good with most dieters regaining all the weight loss (and even more) after discontinuing the diet. Fad diets present themselves in various forms with some of the most well-known over the years being the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, and the Zone diet. Although not all fad diets were created equally and some may be loosely based on good nutritional practices, quick-fix diets as a whole should be avoided for numerous reasons. The focus should instead be placed on eating nutrient-dense foods such as avocados, beets, brown rice, tubers, bananas, berries, and salmon.

Most fad diets are very unbalanced

The majority of fad diets require you to cut out entire food groups which can lead to severe deficiencies in general nutrition. Fruit and soup may be healthy as part of a balanced diet but if that is all you consume, you will soon find yourself having to take supplements in order to compensate for the lack of vital nutrients in your diet. On the opposite side of the spectrum are those fad diets that cause a nutritional overload such as juice diets that are typically extremely high in sugar. Sustained weight loss is best achieved by following a healthy diet consisting of wholesome food sources. Good sources include lean proteins, colorful fruits and vegetables, and even home baked items such as protein bars made with nuts, legumes, and organic coconut, macadamia or tiger nut flour.

Most fad diets will not meet with the approval of the American Heart Association

Many fad diets do not conform to the recommendations set out by the American Heart Association. Certain fad diets call for increased fat intake which can become dangerously unhealthy if followed for prolonged periods of time. Such diets generally result in either all the lost weight being regained or possible cardiac disease due to the unhealthy eating  - both of which are very undesirable outcomes for the dieter. Powerful foods such as Moringa and tiger nuts can be successfully incorporated into any diet due to their allergen-free and nutrient-dense nature which can help treat and prevent heart disease and give your metabolism a healthy boost.

When our bodies are deprived of certain nutrients (or food in general) our metabolisms may slow down tremendously in a bid to preserve fuel. This is especially true if muscle mass is also being compromised. While it is more than likely that you will lose some weight while engaging in a fad diet, chances are unfortunately very good that you will gain more weight than what was initially lost. A compromised metabolism will not only thwart all weight-loss efforts but can also leave one feeling sluggish and despondent. Including guilt-free, paleo-friendly snacks like grass-fed beef jerky and tiger nuts in your diet, you will never have to worry about a slothful metabolism again.

Due to their restrictive nature, it is virtually impossible to sustain fad diets for prolonged periods of time. While these diets may see you lose some weight they are not a healthy cause of action to take and should be avoided as far as possible. Nothing beats healthy eating combined with regular exercise when it comes to not only boasting an attractive physique but to boost your overall health and well-being as well.

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