About Us

12 years ago, a childhood memory shared between two friends led to the birth of Tiger Nuts USA and the introduction of a new food category with a funny name. Today, that memory and a mission to inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle has turned into the most extensive line of Tiger Nuts products on the market and a name that is, well, still a little funny.

Jim and I are the "nuts" who founded Tiger Nuts USA and are original importers of Tiger Nuts into the USA from our Spanish growers. Read more about our journey below.

Our Story

A few years back, during the holidays, Jim and I were reminiscing on my patio. Having both grown up in the United Kingdom, we fondly remembered Tiger Nuts, a childhood snack we enjoyed during the post-World War II when sweets were scarce. Feeling nostalgia, I searched online to see if they were still available and discovered they were only sold in Canada, not the US. Despite the cost, I ordered a pack and was delighted to find they tasted exactly as I remembered.

After sharing this experience with Jim, we dug deeper into Tiger Nuts and were surprised by what we found: a highly nutritious product largely unknown globally, especially in the United States. Given their health benefits and significant history as a staple food over 4,000 years ago, we saw an opportunity to introduce Tiger Nuts to the American market, aiming to promote healthier eating habits.

And that was the birth of Tiger Nuts USA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle through nutrition.

Today, our mission is to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle by making more nutritious dietary choices. We know that small changes can make a big impact. That's why we’re committed to empower individuals to embrace a more vibrant approach to their health by providing the most versatile, nutritious and satisfying Tiger Nuts products that cater to a wide range of dietary requirements.

As pioneers and the first to import Tiger Nuts into the United States, we're proud to have established this new category of nutrient-rich snacks and essential pantry items.


Inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle fueled by nutrition.


Provide the most versatile, nutritious and extensive line of products for everyone to enjoy regardless of dietary restrictions.


Guarantee the freshest, highest quality product on the market.

The Cornerstone

Central to our mission is the remarkable vegetable root tuber, Tiger Nuts, the cornerstone of all our products. Grown with care by our Spanish growers who have perfected sustainable, centuries-old farming methods, they are nutrient-dense, certified organic and free from nuts, allergens, gluten, grains, GMOs, and animal products, making them vegan-friendly. To read more about why we started Tiger Nuts US and the nutritional benefits of this little tuber, click below.