About us

We are not nuts, are you? 

Jim and I are the "NUTS" who founded Tiger Nuts USA and are original importers of Tiger Nuts into the USA from our Spanish growers.

The day that changed our lives!

Over the Holidays a few years ago, Jim and I were sitting on my patio, and I happened to mention a product that we had both eaten as kids, after World War 2, when candy was rationed, and they had a sweet taste. They were of course, Tiger Nuts that were imported from Spain.
Jim and his wife went home after the Holidays and I decided to search online to try and buy some Tiger Nuts, just to find out if they tasted like I remembered. To my surprise, they weren’t on sale anywhere in the US, just in Canada. While a bit pricey, I ordered a pack, and they did taste exactly the same as I remembered.
Soon after when I was chatting with Jim and told him about my experience, we decided to investigate Tiger Nuts. What we found was an amazing product, that was frankly, “too good to be true”. We could not believe that the product was so healthy, delivered so much nutrition, but was virtually unknown around the world, especially in the US. We both agreed that Tiger Nuts were one of the world’s best kept health food secrets, despite being around as the primary source of food of Cavemen over 4000 years ago, so we decided to bring them to America and try to make a difference in inspiring people to live and eat healthier lives..
Today, our objective is to inspire and help health-minded people to live and eat a healthy lifestyle, and maybe incorporate the incredible health benefits of Tiger Nuts into their lives too. We are bringing more Tiger Nuts products to the market all the time, but at the heart of everything we do, are our Raw Premium Organic Tiger Nuts, probably the "healthiest 'single source snack food on the market".
We are proud that we are the original importers of Tiger Nuts to the United States and that today we pack our Tiger Nuts product in our certified Organic facilities in New York and get them fresh to you.
We also hope that in becoming part of our “Tiger Nuts” family, you will also take ownership of our mission to "Inspire people to live and eat a healthy lifestyle, and if Tiger Nuts can be a part of their journey, then so much the better".
Yours in health,


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