A Tiger Nuts customer asks about Lectins!

Recently we had a really interesting inquiry from a Tiger Nuts customer who struggles with lectins. And the truth is we did not really know much about the subject at the time, so we did our research and spoke to our growers of Tiger nuts in Spain to try and come up with some answers.

Following is the chain of emails that we hope just might help someone who also struggles with lectins too:


Initial inquiry from customer:

Hi !  So I've been all over the internet, trying to find out if Tiger Nuts are free of lectins, and can find nothing.  So I thought I'd reach out to you, being that you're all about the Tiger Nut :) !!!   I know your site mentions that they are allergen free, but I wonder if that includes lectins? Would be INCREDIBLY grateful for any information with regard to lectins ... as I really enjoy the Tiger Nut, but unfortunately have a sensitivity to lectins. 

Our initial response:

Hey ....,

Probably the reason you cannot  find anything about lectins in Tiger Nuts, is that it is our understanding that there are none.

However, just to make sure, we are checking with our Spanish growers and will get a definitive answer for you. 

Yours in Health


Our 2nd response after discussing with our Spanish Growers

You’re the first person in 4 years that has asked us this question about lectin and a good job you did. Further to your email and contrary to our previous indication to you, we would advise you that all terrestrial surface plants contain lectin therefore Tiger Nuts, which are tubers not nuts, also contain them. Nuts do too, of course. The lectin quantity is small in Tiger Nuts but it is difficult for us to estimate the true percentage included. To be totally safe, sadly we would have to advise that you do not eat them if you have a lectin intolerance.

What a shame. We would have loved to give you better news. Lectin is in so many of the things we eat that it must really limit what you can consume and be a real challenge for you trying to avoid it.



Response from our customer:

Well, I'm very in-tune to lectins as of late, as I recently found that I've a sensitivity to them.  Knowing that Tiger Nuts are tubers, and many tubers contain lectins, prompted my inquiry.  I really appreciate you both, doing the research.  It's a bummer, but truth be told, they may not bother me, it's just something I need to try.  I suspect the peeled ones may be less invasive, being that often times the lectins are found in the protective coating, at least for grains and beans, so perhaps that would apply.  I would just have to try them, and see how I react.  

Sadly my lectin sensitivity, ultimately caused leaky gut syndrome, for which the prebiotic properties of the Tiger Nut would be great for.   Vicious cycle, LOL!

Needless to say, it's been quite the learning experience regarding lectins.   Never heard of them until January of this year, when I was trying desperately to figure out what was wrong with me.   Needless to say, I'm becoming well versed on the topic, LOL!


Feb 14, 2022 • Posted by Debbie Jo

FYI – we have been following Dr. Gundry’s lectin free / low lection diet and tiger nut flour was in something so I did a search and found this website. Then I looked on Dr. Gundry’s Yes / No list and tiger nuts are on his Yes list – allowed to have on a lectin free diet. Here is his list. https://gundrymd.com/shopping-list.pdf

Aug 11, 2021 • Posted by Hlekani

Hi there. I came across you whilst searching about whether tiger nuts have salicylates. Would you be able to furnish any information about that? Can’t seem to find anything on the net about that. Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Nov 16, 2020 • Posted by Wendy

I am also grateful for this thread. After finally figuring out, after decades of digestive troubles, that I have a terrible sensitivity to lectins, it is heartening to see a company go above and beyond in responding to such a query. I suspect the original poster may be right in that the protective coating may contain the bulk of the lectins (just like almonds). I was in a natural foods store today and found some tortilla chips made with tigernut flour and wanted to do my research…. hence I found your website. For that small sliver of the population that has these crazy sensitivities like myself, knowledge is power and I appreciate your responsiveness.

Oct 01, 2020 • Posted by Jen

I am so incredibly grateful for the above comment and the effort that this company has gone through to distribute this information, although it means that the customer cannot buy your products. I also have a genetic lectin sensitivity, and as a health-fanatic thinking that vegetarian is the way to go – it led me to developing a leaky gut, resulting in a load of health issues including histamine intolerance. There is so little trustworthy information out there on these issues so THANK YOU for offering this information before I bought lots of tigernuts and tigernut flour to substitute for lectin-rich alternatives in my cooking. Keep up your awesome work!!

Aug 25, 2017 • Posted by Nick

Tiger nuts may have some lectins, but since we evolved eating a lot of them, or foods very much like them, we are adapted to handle the particular lectins found tiger nuts without a problem.

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