Add Excitement to Your Vegan Menu

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With 1.6 million vegans and rising in the US, you may find yourself hosting a party in which vegan catering is required. Combined with the incredible health benefits of vegetables, raw organic Tiger Nuts can be a great source of protein, fats, iron and zinc, meaning that your herbivore guests get all the nutrition they need. However, vegans often find themselves limited in choice when visiting restaurants or attending dinner parties. Read on for tips on making something delicious and exciting.

Imitate People's Favorite Junk Food

While the benefits of being vegan are almost endless, there certainly some downsides. No more treating yourself to meat and dairy filled junk. You can bring this childlike sense of wonder to your, but with a grown-up twist. You can create something that holds a balance between fast food junk and a rustic, home-made feel.

Experiment with making burgers, fries, pizza, and milkshakes using only vegan ingredients. Food tastes better when it looks good, so try and accurately recreate your favorite fast food restaurant’s style. The closer it looks to meat, while remaining vegan, the more exciting it will be for your guests.

Look beyond the vegetables

If you’re not a vegan yourself, you may be tempted to play it safe when catering to vegan guests. This often results in a menu based entirely on vegetables for fear that any other ingredient might not be appropriate. However, there are boundless other foods available to bring variety to your meals.

Nuts and seeds provide many nutrients that aren’t available in vegetables and offer a completely different taste and texture to your dishes. Adding plenty of herbs and spices can also add huge flavor to an otherwise dull dish. If you add enough curry powder, chickpeas are as good as chicken.

Go heavy on the desserts

When eating at most restaurants, vegans are often disheartened by the huge quantities of dairy in their desserts. This leaves them sticking to savory mains. If you want to make their meal exciting, then create a variety of sweet desserts. You can offer the same fruit-based vs chocolate-based options as any restaurant does, but leave out all the dairy.

There’s a huge list of vegan dessert recipes available, so search through for the perfect dish. Coconut milk or Tiger Nut Milk can add a creamy texture, while vegetables such as sweet potatoes can provide a natural sweetness to vegan chocolate. Be sure to present it in a way that looks appealing, by mimicking dairy-based desserts. You’ll have even non-vegans reaching for a taste. Of course, nuts are also a great addition to top everything off.

The number of vegans is growing steadily, but it is likely to surge within the next few years. Even non-vegans are seeing the benefits of cutting down on the meat and dairy if only there were delicious and exciting alternatives available. So if you’re catering a vegan event, don’t just stick to the same old veggie meals. Add some excitement by recreating junk food and delicious desserts to get your guests excited about vegan food.

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