Apparently Tiger Nuts can double testosterone levels!!!!

Who would have thought it, but apparently our Tiger Nuts could be the magic that a lot of people are looking for, maybe even double testosterone levels!

You see the research folks at the Jordan University of Science & Technology, did an animal study to ascertain whether tiger nuts have a pro-sexual effect. Their hypothesis was that tiger nuts raise the concentration of testosterone in the body.

Please remember we are only sharing the information, we did not write the article, so here it is:

By the way while we are on the subject of testosterone, we also saw an interesting article in Men's Health Magazine, where they reported that some of the "Weight Lifters and Body Builders" were drinking "Breast Milk" because of all the nutrients, and here's the article to that:

And that leads us to the final article which is about how to make the Spanish drink Tiger Nuts Milk or Horchata. And the aside to this is that apparently, Tiger Nuts Milk has pretty much the same nutrients as Mothers breast milk.

So here's the thing if you are into lifting and body building and wanted to try Mothers Milk. Frankly is a lot easier to get some of our Premium Organic Tiger Nuts, follow the first half of the "Tiger Nuts Milk" recipe, and make your own.

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tiger nuts

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