Did you know that our Tiger Nuts Oil is "Heart Healthy"?

Our Premium Organic, Cold Press Extra Virgin Tiger Nuts Oil, Rivals Olive Oil as Top “Heart Healthy” Oil

Scientists and doctors recommend to stay away from foods that are high in saturated and trans fats, which can lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. We should instead consume unsaturated fats, which are known as “heart healthy” fats.

Most people know that olive oil and avocados are the “good fats”, but did you know that Tiger Nut Extra Virgin Oil falls into the same category? Like olive oil, Tiger Nuts contain the good fats that come from vegetables as opposed animal fats (such as butter), which are high in cholesterol. Premium Organic Extra Virgin Tiger Nuts Oil also bring many other health benefits listed above as well as a better taste than olive oil or avocado!

A 1996 study from the Shenyang Agricultural University in Shenyang, China, published in the Industrial Crops and Products Journal, showed that the extracted oil from Tiger Nuts contains only 18% saturated fat and 82% unsaturated fat, closely following olive oil’s 14% saturated fat and 86% unsaturated fat.

So with roughly the same fat content and many more health benefits, Tiger Nuts beats out olive oil!

This article is brought to you by www.tigernutsusa.com

If you have not heard about Tiger Nuts before, we believe they are the "Healthiest 'single source' snack food on the market". The fact is that they are not nuts at all, they are tubers, and they are also Gluten Free, Organic, 100% NUT FREE, 100% Allergen Free, 100% Dairy Free, High in Fiber, Low in Calories & Fats, High in Nutrition, Non GMO, Paleo Perfect and they taste great, like coconut!

All of our Tiger Nuts products are packed in our organic facilities in New York and we only pack Tiger Nuts so there is no chance of any cross contamination.

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