Do you know "The health benefits of phosphorus" that are in Tiger Nuts?

Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in the body.

Most of it can be found in the teeth and bones. Teeth and bone matter are made of both calcium and phosphorus, not just calcium as some or many of us thought. Phosphorus is essential for energy metabolism, proper acid-base balance, and optimal kidney function. It is also needed for cellular growth, repair, and maintenance.

The recommended phosphorus intake for men and women over 19 years of age is 700 mg a day. Do not go over 3,000 mg/day, especially if you are 71 and older. Pregnant and lactating women under the age of 19 should be aiming for 1,250 mg of phosphorus per day. Children from 4 years all the way to 18 years of age should also be shooting for a daily intake of 1,250 mg. Children aged 1-3 need only 460 mg of phosphorus a day.

Signs of phosphorus deficiency in adults are anemia, susceptibility to infections, speech problems, weak bones and teeth, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, bone pain, anxiety, numbness and tingling of the extremities, irregular breathing, difficulty walking, and fatigue. Phosphorus deficiency symptoms in children include stunted growth, rickets, poor bone development, and tooth decay.

Vegan sources of phosphorus include soy, lentils, beans, rice, peanuts, potatoes, whole grains, and peas. Paleo sources of phosphorus are eggs, fish, shell fish, and meat. Vegan AND Paleo sources of phosphorus include pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax, broccoli, sunflower seeds, garlic, sesame seeds, dried fruit, tree nuts, watermelon seeds, and our very own Tiger Nuts at 

Dairy, white bread, and soda also contain phosphorus. Try to avoid or minimize your consumption of soda as it contains too much phosphorus and sugar. Both greatly interfere with calcium absorption. You need both calcium and phosphorus to build healthy bones, and if one is lacking then you may be at risk for bone diseases such as osteoporosis (characterized by weak, brittle bones) or osteopenia (loss of bone density).

Tiger Nuts happen to have both calcium and phosphorus in balanced amounts, so you need not worry about having too much phosphorus and not enough calcium (and vice versa) in your food.

Tiger Nuts are perfect for people on special diets for a number of reasons. They’re hypoallergenic, making them one of the ideal sources of phosphorus for celiacs who, due to their malabsorption problems, are prone to phosphorus deficiency. They’re also low GI, which is why diabetics (who tend to have low levels of phosphorus) and dieters can enjoy them.

Tiger Nuts are plant-based, and have been around since the Paleolithic era, which makes them both vegan- and Paleo-friendly.

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