Eating Heart Healthy Foods

We've all heard about high cholesterol or a poor diet, at some point in our lives.

The truth is that it is not always possible to eat healthily, even though we make every effort.

Eating a heart-healthy diet and creating a healthy eating plan is something that we should all try to do, especially as it can help your health, lower your stress levels, and reduce the chances of heart attacks.


Your stomach and your heart

These facts are UNDENIABLE !:

  • A diet high in saturated fats raises cholesterol and is a big risk factor for heart disease.
  • A high-sodium diet can raise blood pressure, causing inflammation and potential heart issues.
  • Obese people are more likely to develop heart disease.


Follow these suggestions to help prevent heart disease and improve your health.

Consume a lot of fish.
Salmon, herring, and sardines are all high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and some other fish are also beneficial too as the Omega 3 in them could also help in lowering cholesterol levels.

Choose fats and oils that are good for you
Saturated fat raises the risk of coronary artery disease.
It can be present in a variety of foods, including beef, butter, and even coconut oil. They should be avoided until your cholesterol levels have decreased and you have reached a healthy weight. Even those who eat a lot of red meat can get enough protein from seafood and nuts.

Olive oils, for example, are high in monounsaturated fats, which aid to protect your heart. Olive oil is excellent for cooking, seasoning, and even for dipping foods in. Of course, we might be biased, but you should really try our Tiger Nuts Oil. It outperforms Olive oil, it's Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed and we think it’s the best on the market for cooking and dining.                                                         



Fiber in abundance                                                                

Fiber can aid in your cholesterol management program and can be found in whole grain products to aid digestion. Controlling sugar absorption is also a big deal to help you maintain a healthy digestive system. Just for the record, Tiger Nuts from, are packed with fiber.


Carbohydrate selection
Sugary foods such as candies, cookies, cakes, and pastries are heart healthy foods to avoid if you are seriously thinking about your heart. Because sugar consumption has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and a variety of veggies, especially our raw Premium Organic and Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts are all good sources of healthy carbs. They and of course, fruits and vegetables are good for the heart and should be the foundation of your diet.

Cooking techniques that are good for you
Because you shouldn't dip your food in batter and fry it anymore, stir frying and sauteing with Tiger Nuts Oil, olive oil or canola oil are all excellent options. For instance, if you are cooking chicken, remove the skin and roast it in foil in the oven.

Try baking your fish instead of frying it, and steaming your vegetables helps to keep the nutrients intact. Stop using cream sauces or a lot of butter, try putting lemon juice on your vegetables or flavoring them with your preferred seasonings like pepper, garlic etc.

As you make the necessary modifications to your diet, please keep in mind that they will take time to become habits. Also, we don’t need a scientist to tell us that eating healthily is always going to be beneficial to our body and lifestyle, particularly when it comes to heart and heart disease prevention.

We just need reminding occasionally!


Jack Sims - Founder & CEO at 

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