Great News! Natural Grocers in Cedar Falls has Tiger Nuts!!!!

We are so happy that another Natural Grocers has our Tiger Nuts products on their shelves. This time it's the Natural Grocers at 5410 University Avenue, in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Please go in and check them out in the Grocery section of the store, juts ask one of the crew members and they will show you where they are in the store.

If you have not yet heard of Tiger Nuts, the fact is that they are NOT Nuts at all they are tubers, so if you or your family have Nut allergies, then these are great for you. Plus they are Gluten Free, Organic, 100% NUT FREE, 100% Allergen Free, 100% Dairy Free, High in Fiber, Low in Calories & Fats, High in Nutrition, Non GMO, Paleo Perfect, Kosher and they taste great, like coconut! We believe that our Tiger Nuts are probably the "Healthiest single source' snack food on the market", and now you can find them at nearly all of the Natural Grocers as well as our web site 

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