Here's What You Need To Eat For Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Here's another article by Jennifer Dawson,, and this time it's about getting and keeping healthy, beautiful hair!

Hair quality is directly affected by diet. 

With 40% of women having visible hair loss by the time they’re 40 years old, now is the time to focus on an improved diet for hair health.  This will also promote beautiful hair by adding shine and strength to each hair strand.  Eating a more Paleo Diet style and the inclusion of some super-foods like Tiger Nuts are beneficial for the hair

Super hair foods

Hair needs protein especially since hair itself is made from protein!  So good quality protein foods are a must such as lean meat or vegetarian options such as nuts.  Oily fish is a great superfood for hair as it is high in protein as well as being high in omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be beneficial for hair and scalp health.  Vegetarian protein sources include eggs which are also high in biotin.  A lack of biotin is a cause of brittle hair.

Vitamin C is also necessary for hair health as it enables collagen to be formed which is required by the hair follicles as well as the skin.  An excellent source of vitamin C is bell peppers but there are also plenty of other sources including citrus fruits and Brussels sprouts.  Vitamin C also improves the ability of the body to absorb iron from food.  Iron is an important mineral for hair as it allows a nutrient-rich blood supply to feed the hair follicle.  Low iron levels (known as anemia) can cause thinning of hair.  Foods to eat that are rich in iron are red meat, lentils or leafy green vegetables.  Also include zinc and selenium, which can be found in whole grains, for hair health

Shiny new hair

Once you start your new hair healthy diet your body will produce lovely new hair growing from the roots, however, this will take a little while to grow to a length where the benefits will truly show.  While you await the growth of super shiny healthy locks you may consider good quality hair extensions to provide thicker-looking hair instantly.  The results can be amazing and bridge that gap of waiting.

Optimum hair for your future

You can be confident that your hair will become shiny, healthy and strong by eating hair healthy foods.  What’s even better is that hair healthy foods are generally healthy body foods so you will likely become a much healthier you!  What more could you ask for and what a great way to fuel your healthy mane.


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