How the High Fiber in Tiger Nuts can improve Your Health

Tiger Nuts have been shown to be high in dietary fiber. In 2009, a study conducted by the University of Miguel Hernández in Orihuela, Spain, which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food, reported that 100g of Tiger Nut flour has 57.91 g of dietary fiber! This ratio is much higher than any other organic, gluten-free snacks you’ll find on the market!

This fiber content is higher than other popular sources of fiber, such as oat bran, rye bran, cabbage, carrots, plums and chia seeds. Tiger Nuts tastes a lot better, too! So that’s better taste and a healthier snack!

Fiber helps your body by providing simple relief (and prevention) of constipation and also keeps you fuller longer, which will help shed those pounds and keep weight off! Fiber also is a great way to lower cholesterol. In a 1994 study on the health benefits of fiber by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition in Bethesda, Maryland, researchers found that a high fiber diet can help prevent colon cancer, coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders. It seems like a no-brainer to take advantage of the fiber benefits provided by Tiger Nuts, right?


You can find these amazing tubers at and in health food chains and stores across 37 US States. (See the store locator at

By the way our Tiger Nuts are always grown organically and packed in our Organic facilities in New York.

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