If you are Serious about Getting in Shape and Losing Weight in 2018, we can help!

Not sure if you know this but Tiger Nuts are probably one of the best food you can snack on that will actually help you lose weight. You see they are packed with so much fiber (33%) that if you drink a little water after munching on a handful, they will expand in your stomach and take away those hunger pangs! How Cool is that!

Plus we also have a terrific product that will be so easy for you to use as a meal replacement, it's our Tiger Nuts SMOOTHIE MIX

Just take three tablespoons of Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix into your blender, add your favorite veggies or fruits, maybe some extra protein powder if you think you need it, then some ice, a little water and blend for an amazingly healthy SMOOTHIE that be a compete meal in itself!

For the record our Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix is Gluten free, Nut Free, Lactose Free, has NO Added Sugar, with Zero trans Fats and is Paleo Perfect!

If you would like to learn more about our Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix, click here.


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