MIDLAND TEXAS, now has Tiger Nuts

We are thrilled to tell you that the Natural Food Market, located at 2311 West Wadley Ave, Midland, Texas has the amazing Premium Organic and Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts on their shelves.

So if you are looking for a "Seriously Healthy Snack", that will not only curb your appetite, but do you good at the same time, and if you are in or near Midland, Texas, get over to Natural Food Market. 

If you have not heard of Tiger Nuts before, they are probably the "healthiest 'single source' snack on the market today" and frankly have been for over 4000 years, as they were the primary food of our Caveman ancestors.

They are Gluten, Nut and Dairy Free, and packed with prebiotic fiber, Non GMO, Non Allergenic, Paleo perfect, Kosher and they taste like coconut, but of course they are not nuts at all, they are TUBERS!

If you would like additional information, please visit our on line store at www.tgernutsusa.com and start enjoying the complete benefits of Tiger Nuts

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