Paleo Perfect Tiger Nuts! The Primary source of food of Cavemen!

If you have not heard of Tiger Nuts, the chances are that you have not been on, or heard of the Paleo Diet.

You see according to research from Oxford University, our Cavemen ancestors survived primarily on Tiger Nuts, and they found out from their teeth.

Here's a link to an article you may like to read:  Click here

By the way, when we first found out about Tiger Nuts and were the very first company to bring these amazing Tubers to America, we really did not appreciate the amazingly healthy qualities of them It all starts with the fact that they are not nuts at all, they are tubers, which of course makes them vegan. Plus they are Gluten Free, Organic, 100% NUT FREE, 100% Allergen Free, 100% Dairy Free, High in Fiber, Low in Calories & Fats, High in Nutrition, Non GMO, Paleo Perfect, Kosher and they taste great, like coconut!

We believe our Tiger Nuts are probably the "Healthiest single source' snack food on the market today". And now you don't have to forage like Cavemen, you can find them easily at 

Every bag is packed in our USDA certified Organic facilities in New York

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