4 Great Reasons Sliced Tiger Nuts Are a Nutritional Knock-Out Over Almonds

Move over almonds, there’s a new superfood in town. It’s sliced Tiger Nuts. If you haven’t heard of this nutritional powerhouse, it’s actually a tiny tuber or root vegetable that’s grown in Mediterranean soil. What it produces is a high energy, organic, and gluten free food that is healthy and unique. Adding it to your lifestyle can make Sliced Tiger Nuts a nutritional knock-out over almonds. Let’s look at the ways Sliced Tiger Nuts are far superior to regular old almonds. Tiger Nuts dominate almonds in any food battle!

Tiger Nuts Have Less Fat

In looking at the fat comparison of almonds versus Tiger Nuts, the tiny tubers come out on top with less fat per serving. In a serving of almonds there is a whopping 57 grams of fat. For Tiger Nuts, it’s only 25 grams of fat. Keep in mind that’s a full cup of almonds (100 grams) or sliced Tiger Nuts. You would eat about a ¼ cup for a snack or added to a meal. So for fat content in Tiger Nuts would only be about 6 grams of fat per actual real-life serving

There Are Fewer Calories in Tigernuts

There are also fewer calories in Tiger Nuts as compared to almonds. In a full cup, it’s 615 calories for almonds, while it’s only 482 calories for Tiger Nuts. That’s a big difference. When you are trying to cut calories where you can, to lose weight and maintain your health, those almond calories are going to add up faster.

How About Fiber?

Fiber is an important part of a healthy digestive tract. An adult needs around 25-30 grams of fiber per day. Sometimes that number can be hard to hit each day. Sliced Tiger Nuts will help you get there faster, with 11.2 % of your daily value of fiber per serving, against 8 % with almonds.

The takeaway here is that Tiger Nuts wins again by a long shot.

More Natural Sugar Content

If you are trying to live a more sugar-free lifestyle or going paleo for the first time, Tiger Nuts are a great way to help you stay satisfied and full. They contain only natural sugars so you don’t have to worry about added artificial sugars.

Not only are the Sliced Tiger Nuts great for meals and snacks, you can also use a Tiger Nut Oil in cooking and baking.

For meals, add Sliced Tiger Nuts to your oatmeal and Greek style yogurt in the morning. For lunch you can top salads or soups with Sliced Tiger Nuts for a nutritional boost, and the same goes for dinner. Or switch it up with some Chopped Tiger Nuts. You’ll love all the Tiger Nut options you can eat each day. These raw premium, organic Tiger Nuts that will make you forget all about eating almonds.

Convincing evidence? Switch to Tiger Nuts, and you’ll find that all the nutritional benefits you get make Tiger Nuts so much better than boring old almonds. It’s a total TKO for team Tiger Nuts!


This article was written by Kelly R who regularly blogs for us at Tiger Nuts USA


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