Tiger Nuts Taste Like?

They have a slightly earthy flavor with a tinge of natural sweetness. Tiger Nuts have a pecan-like sweetness and are similar to Brazil nuts. So, what's the flavor of tiger nuts in general? They're a cross between a Macadamia and an Almond nut, with a hint of pecan, but they're tubers and nut-free! 

Where to Buy Fresh Tiger Nuts?

Without a doubt the freshest Tiger Nuts in the US are at Tigernutsusa.com and they have been for over 12 years now. All of their Tiger Nuts products come direct from the Spanish Growers and ar 100% Organic, Gluten and Nut Free, High Fiber Low Fats, AIP, Paleo and much more. You can visit them at www.tigernutsusa.com

Where to Buy Fresh Tiger Nuts?


Tiger Nuts USA (www.tigernutsusa.com) offers a large range of the freshest, Gluten Free, Organic, High Fiber, Low Fats, Nut Free, Non Allergenic, AIP, Paleo Tiger Nuts on the market today. They are also available online at Amazon, WalMart, and Kroger, and in large health food chains like Natural Grocers and smaller chains like Erewhon and Lassen's, as well as hundreds of health food stores from coast to coast.

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Hope this helps!

Jack and the team at Tiger Nuts USA - www.tigernutsusa.com