What are Tiger Nuts?

The number one questions we get at www.tigernutsusa.com is,

"What are Tiger Nuts"?

Great question and it has a very simple answer:

Tiger Nuts are Tubers, in other words they are a root vegetable and as such are NUT FREE. In addition they are Gluten Free, Organic, Non Allergenic, Non GMO, Dairy Free, High in Nutrition, Low in Fats, AIP, Paleo and much more.

We belive they are the "Healthiest 'single source' snack on the market".

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Tiger Nuts Taste Like?

They have a slightly earthy flavor with a tinge of natural sweetness. Tiger Nuts have a pecan-like sweetness and are similar to Brazil nuts. So, what's the flavor of tiger nuts in general? They're a cross between a Macadamia and an Almond nut, with a hint of pecan, but they're tubers and nut-free! 

Where to Buy Fresh Tiger Nuts?

Without a doubt the freshest Tiger Nuts in the US are at Tigernutsusa.com and they have been for over 12 years now. All of their Tiger Nuts products come direct from the Spanish Growers and ar 100% Organic, Gluten and Nut Free, High Fiber Low Fats, AIP, Paleo and much more. You can visit them at www.tigernutsusa.com