Tiger Nuts Prove The Newest Superfood To Stifle Stress

In today’s demanding times, millennial's are looking for new ways to combat stress and remain focused on their busy lives. Recent reports by the American Institute of Stress revealed that 80 percent of workers feel undue stress because of their occupation and are seeking food solutions to battle this issue.

Tiger nuts are one trending “super-food” that has been shown to have many health benefits including calming anxiety.

Nuts To Stress And Weight Loss

Tiger nuts, also known as chufa, are not actually nuts, but rather edible tubers.

They’re the size of a chickpea with a chewy texture and a sweet flavor similar to coconut. These tubers contain several ingredients that can combat stress, including magnesium which we lose from our body when stressed which only exacerbates anxiety. Each 100 gram serving of tiger nuts contain 17 percent of the recommended daily dose of magnesium bolstering the body to better fight stress.

In addition, for stress relief, experts suggest incorporating a good dose of fiber into the system to prevent constipation and keep the digestive tract in good shape. Tiger nuts are naturally high in fiber which beyond benefiting regularity also provides the benefit of quicker satiety. Thus, incorporating tiger nuts into your diet, you’ll feel full faster and avoid overeating which is another main cause of weight gain.

Stress Relief And Other Tiger Nut Benefits

Stress for today’s millennial's, both at home raising children and especially in the work-space, can be challenging to manage. Meeting self-imposed or boss-related goals is a constant uphill battle. Even traffic-heavy commutes in an industry such as traveling nursing or sales will add extra stress. Including a bag of tiger nuts in the car or briefcase for a quick snack can alleviate the onset of stress.

Additionally, tiger nuts are high in resistant starch, which reduces blood sugar spikes and helps curb hunger pains making them a natural weight-loss solution. High in fiber, the tuber improves digestion by quickly breaking down foods, relieving bloating and gas in your system. Researchers have also linked tiger nuts to better blood circulation which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Tiger nuts have been around for nearly 4000 years, but only recently have humans discovered their vast array of health benefits. They are also an excellent snack substitution for people with food issues as they are free of gluten, actual nuts, dairy and allergens. Today as we stress to compete in the hectic game of life, these crunchy tubers provide a natural way to not worry and be happy. 

NOTE: This article was given to us by our friend Jennifer Dawson and you can reach her at writing.jennifer.dawson@gmail.com

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