"Tiger Nuts: The Surprising Superfood That Can Improve Your Health in More Ways Than One!"

1. The High Fiber of Tiger Nuts Improves Your Health Tiger Nuts have been shown to be high in dietary fiber. In 2009, a study conducted by the University of Miguel Hernández in Orihuela, Spain, which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food, reported that 100g of Tiger Nut flour has 57.91 g of dietary fiber! This ratio is much higher than any other organic, gluten-free snacks you’ll find on the market! This fiber content is higher than other popular sources of fiber, such as oat bran, rye bran, cabbage, carrots, plums, and chia seeds. Tiger Nuts tastes a lot better, too! So that’s better taste and a healthier snack! Fiber helps your body by providing simple relief (and prevention) of constipation and keeps you fuller longer, which will help shed those pounds and keep weight off! Fiber also is a great way to lower cholesterol. In a 1994 study on the health benefits of fiber by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition in Bethesda, Maryland, researchers found that a high fiber diet can help prevent colon cancer, coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders. It seems like a no-brainer to take advantage of the fiber benefits provided by Tiger Nuts, right?
2. Tiger Nut milk (also known as Horchata de Chufas) is a Great Substitute for Cow’s Milk! Are you lactose intolerant? Consider Tiger Nut milk! Tiger Nuts do not contain any lactose, meaning people with lactose intolerance can drink it without any problem. It is also high in calcium, which is a bone building and growth supporting mineral, making it perfect dairy substitute. In a 2006 study from the University of Llorin, Nigeria, published in the International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, researchers compared Tiger Nut milk with cow and soybean milk. Tiger Nuts showed themselves to be a serious nutritional contender with other non-milk substitutes, ranking among the highest in fat content, protein levels, calcium, phosphorus, oleic acid and calories. In addition to being a great source of calcium, Tiger Nut milk also has some health benefit that milk lacks, namely Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Another study found that mixing Tiger Nut milk with cow’s milk in yogurt production raises the nutritional value of the yogurt while having no adverse effects on taste or texture. Regardless of if you’re lactose intolerant or not, Tiger Nuts are a great addition to your diet!
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3. Tiger Nuts are a Solid Source of Magnesium Magnesium keeps our whole body ticking and it´s integral in normal body function, involving more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Tiger Nuts packs the magnesium you need to keep your body running at tip-top shape! Magnesium helps promote normal muscle and nerve function, keep the heart beat steady, support our immune functions that keep us from getting sick, regulate blood sugar, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure at healthy levels, and help us process protein. Studies have shown that 100 g of Tiger Nut flour contains between 13% and 17% of your daily magnesium needs. Yet another reason Tiger Nuts are the only snack healthy enough to provide for you!
4. Tiger Nuts Can Help You Control Your Blood Pressure There are various types of amino acids present in Tigernuts. Arginine, the most plentiful, is a precursor to nitric oxide, which keeps our blood vessels wide enough to keep blood flow normal. So yeah, Tiger Nuts actually help keep your blood flowing at a normal rate! Tiger Nuts and Arginine has been shown to aid in conditions that are caused or made worse by restricted blood vessels, such as chest pain, clogged arteries, heart failure or disease, erectile dysfunction, muscle cramps, artery diseases not affecting the heart or the brain (peripheral vascular disease) and headaches induced by swollen blood vessels. Do you suffer from any of these conditions? If so, give Tiger Nuts a shot! A 2004 study from the Istituto Scientifico San Raffaele in Milan, Italy, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, showed that orally administered arginine significantly improved the conditions of thirteen hypertensive patients with micro vascular angina, which is a symptom of cardiovascular disease. We think they should have just let them eat Tiger Nuts!
5. Tiger Nuts May Protect You from Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Tiger Nuts are rich in Vitamin E. "Vitamin E" actually is a catch-all reference to a group of fat-soluble compounds with distinctive antioxidant qualities help your body fight disease. Antioxidants help the body protect itself from free radicals, molecules that have an unshared electron. The unshared electron can react with oxygen to form reactive oxygen species, which are damaging to our bodies. In short? Tiger Nuts prevent diseases from reacting with your body! The vitamin E found in Tiger Nuts protects us by inhibiting the creation of these reactive oxygen species. Vitamin E, combined with high levels of oleic acid, both components of Tiger Nuts, has also been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease! A 1993 study published in the New England Journal of medicine in Massachusetts showed that more vitamin E in men’s diets was linked to lower risk of coronary heart disease. So eat Tiger Nuts and they’ll help keep your body disease-free!
6. Tiger Nuts Give You a Potassium Boost One of the most abundant nutrients in Tiger Nuts is potassium. Potassium is one of the minerals that contributes to proper cell and organ function, especially heart function. It also regulates muscle contractions so it helps digestive functions and can sometimes help lower blood pressure as well. Potassium has also been shown to be an important factor in healthy bones. In a 1994 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in Massachusetts, researchers found that potassium rich diets strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis, especially in older women. Unfortunately, with the increase of processed foods, researchers have noticed a reduction in potassium intake as a result of eating less fruits and vegetables. Adding Tiger Nuts into your daily diet can help stave off bone degeneration and keep the rest of the body functioning well at the same time! With great tasting Tiger Nuts, you can get your potassium levels back normal!
7. Tigernuts are a good non-meat source of protein Protein is one of the most important parts of anyone’s diet. Protein builds bones, cartilage, muscle, blood and skin and also functions as a building block for enzymes, hormones and vitamins in our body. Protein also supplies us with energy to get us through the day. Without a good source of protein, our bodies would fall apart! In a 2007 study from the University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria, researchers found that Tiger Nuts are an incredible source of protein from plant matter and is actually almost equal to whole wheat flour! So Tiger Nuts brings the benefits of whole wheat flour that you’ve come to know without any of the drawbacks! Amino acids are known as the building blocks proteins. In 2005 researchers from the University of Valencia in Burjassot, Spain determined that Tiger Nuts contain even more amino acids than suggested in the protein standard approved by the Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization! Tiger Nuts pack protein that will keep your body running in tip-top shape!
8. Tiger Nut Milk Can Help Control Diabetes The high insoluble dietary fiber found in the flour made from Tiger Nuts can help diabetics stay healthy and regulate their blood sugar. So finally you can eat healthy snacks while keeping your blood sugar in check! Insoluble dietary fiber is mentioned as an important tool in helping diabetics regulate their blood sugar. Fiber does not raise blood sugar levels (as opposed to other types of carbohydrates) because it cannot be digested, so you can absorb all the nutrients you need without worrying about blood sugar with Tiger Nuts. In fact, in a 2000 study administered by the University of Texas in Dallas, Texas, published by the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that patients with diabetes were able to control their blood sugar levels much more when on a high fiber diet (50 g/day) rather than a normal diet (24 g/day). The effects of Tiger Nuts are long lasting!
9. Tiger Nuts Rival Olive Oil as Top “Heart Healthy” Oil Scientists and doctors recommend to stay away from foods that are high in saturated and trans fats, which can lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. We should instead consume unsaturated fats, which are known as “heart healthy” fats. Most people know that olive oil and avocados are the “good fats”, but did you know that Tiger Nut oil falls into the same category? Like olive oil, Tiger Nuts contain the good fats that come from vegetables as opposed animal fats (such as butter), which are high in cholesterol. Tiger Nuts also bring many other health benefits listed above as well as a better taste than olive oil or avocado! A 1996 study from the Shenyang Agricultural University in Shenyang, China, published in the Industrial Crops and Products Journal, showed that the extracted oil from Tiger Nuts contains only 18% saturated fat and 82% unsaturated fat, closely following olive oil’s 14% saturated fat and 86% unsaturated fat. So with roughly the same fat content and many more health benefits, Tiger Nuts beats out olive oil!
10. Tiger Nuts Can Help Fight Malnutrition in Under-Developed Nations Tiger Nuts may be an important, locally grown food source for combating malnutrition in places like Africa. Lightweight, natural, organic and GMO-free, Tiger Nuts pack nutrients needed to keep hunger away. Tiger nuts are known to contain high levels of starch (295/kg) (more than potatoes and sweet potatoes), a high fat content (30%), good fiber content, be rich in Calcium, Iron, Phosphates and Nitrates and a good additional source of protein. In such a small snack, the nutrient content is huge! Carbohydrates dominate the make-up of tiger nuts at 47%. The National Health Services of the United Kingdom regards starch-heavy foods as an important part of our diet, needed to increase energy, maintain healthy levels of fiber and our intake of essential nutrients. They also keep us from getting hungry, which Tiger Nuts does so well. Tiger nuts’ nutritional value, high calorie and moderate protein levels have called attention to its ability to replace less nutritious food sources among populations that face malnutrition, especially because of its accessibility and low price. Furthermore, it is native to parts of Africa, making it plentiful for the people in those regions. A research study from the Food Technology Research Institute in Giza, Egypt determined that Tiger Nuts are a more affordable, more nutritious health food that provides energy and essential minerals, and can even rival other well-known health food such as olive oil.
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