Wan't a Seriously Healthy Moisturizer?

We couldn't believe it when we heard that not only was our Premium Organic Tiger Nuts Cold Press, Extra Virgin Oil great for salads, baking and more, but apparently it's a terrific, seriously healthy moisturizer for ladies skin too!

We had not thought of this terrific product as a skin care product until we started getting told by our customers in emails like this:

So after 7 days of using solely the oil as a moisturizer for my face and body.....I am blown away.

The oil is odorless and comes in a glass bottle. It absorbs so well into the skin and leaves it feeling extremely soft and supple, moreover it lasts. Given that it's winter, which can be quite harsh on the skin, I apply a generous amount of oil onto my feet and hands,  to my great surprise 3 days later my feet are still soft and smooth and my hands don't look terribly dry and old. I've been applying the oil to my face in the evening and in the morning.

My face feels smoother and more hydrated and the oil absorbs well and doesn't leave an oily film.

I would definitely purchase it again. I'd also like to add that the cost of creams for women are enormously expensive (i.e. $90 and up for hydrating face cream for 2-4 oz jar). So at $16.49 for the Tiger nut oil, it's not only a bargain, but a steal.

We can certainly recommend our Tiger Nuts Oil for culinary use, but who knew it would work as a terrific moisturizer too. So we were thinking that if you purchase a bottle of our Premium Organic Tiger Nuts for baking or salads, and decide to try it for your moisturizing regime, we want to hear from you on how it works for you, and we will publish some of them on line. Click Here to purchase a 250 ml bottle of our incredible Premium Organic Cold Press, Extra Virgin Tiger Nuts Oil

Jack and the team at Tiger Nuts

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