We have great news if you are in Phoenix, Arizona!


Terrific news if you live in or near Phoenix Arizona, our latest Tiger Nuts retailer, Healthy Habits  is at 6029 North 7th Street and they have the amazing Tiger Nuts FLOUR!

Yes, they now have the finest Premium Organic Tiger Nuts FLOUR in the store, so make sure you ask Josh in Grocery Department to help you get this amazing Flour made from Tiger Nuts tubers!

By the way if you have not heard of Tiger nuts before, they are not actually nuts at all, as we said, they are tubers, and they are also Gluten, Dairy Free. Organic, High in prebiotic fiber, Non GMO, Non Allergenic, Paleo Perfect (they have been around as a health snack for over 4000 years) and Kosher too!

If you want to learn more about Tiger Nuts, please visit www.tigernutsusa.com and send us any of your questions via nuts@tigernutsusa.com

Have a great day and thanks for the team at Tiger Nuts USA!

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