"We love our new Tiger Nuts website hope you do too"

"We love our new Tiger Nuts website hope you do too"

We are so happy to be able to tell you that our website www.tigernutsusa.com  has been redesigned and is now up and running. We think the design and information is great, of course, we could be biased, but for sure you will see that the purchasing process is easier, quicker, and we have added some additional safety programs too.

Please check us out and if you see something  you like or don't like, please let us know. Make sure to send us your recipes using our amazing Premium Organic Tiger Nuts Flour so that we can share with the Tiger Nuts community. Also please, (if you have time) review our products and share your Tiger Nuts experience with others.

Also, we encourage you to ask questions about these amazing tubers that we believe are the "Healthiest 'single source' snack on the market". And finally, we would seriously appreciate it if you could follow us on your favorite social media, like facebook or twitter and thanks so much for being a Tiger Nuts customer!

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 Jack and Jim - The Nuts at www.tigernutsusa.com

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