When it comes to "High Fiber" we are very serious!

The high insoluble dietary fiber found in the flour made from Tiger Nuts can help diabetics stay healthy and regulate their blood sugar. So finally you can eat healthy snacks while keeping your blood sugar in check!



Insoluble dietary fiber is mentioned as an important tool in helping diabetics regulate their blood sugar. Fiber does not raise blood sugar levels (as opposed to other types of carbohydrates) because it cannot be digested, so you can absorb all the nutrients you need without worrying about blood sugar with our Tiger Nuts.

In fact, in a 2000 study administered by the University of Texas in Dallas, Texas, published by the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that patients with diabetes were able to control their blood sugar levels much more when on a high fiber diet (50 g/day) rather than a normal diet (24 g/day).

The effects of Tiger Nuts are long lasting!


This article was brought to you by www.tigernutsusa.com and the team at Tiger Nuts. All of our Tiger Nuts products are grown organically and we pack in our certified organic facilities in New York and we are USDA approved.

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