Yay!!!! Tiger Nuts are in Topeka Kansas at Natural Grocers!

Terrific News:

The Natural Grocers at 5836 SW 21st Street, in Topeka, Kansas, has our amazing Tiger Nuts on the shelves in the Grocer Department. If you are in the neighborhood, please go in and check them out.

If you have not hear of Tiger Nuts before, they are actually not nuts at all, they are tubers (a root vegetable) and have been around as the "healthiest 'single source' snack" for over 4000 years. Not only are they Nut Free, they are also Gluten Free, Organic, High in Prebiotic Fiber, Non Allergenic, Non GMO, Paleo Perfect, Kosher and high in nutrition too! If you would like to find out more about Tiger Nuts, please visit us at www.tigernutsusa.com 


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