Yoga - An introduction from Tiger Nuts USA

Hello! And welcome to our Tiger Nuts USA yoga series, your ultimate guidance to explore the yoga world from a different unique perspective, created by our friend Roberta Lipari

What is yoga? What are its origins, the exercises, the positions and the benefits that concern it? These are the most frequent questions people keep asking when it comes to define and get to know yoga a little bit better.

This very ancient discipline has seen the light in the East but, today, it is particularly widespread also in the western world, which has learned to appreciate the benefits and the positive aspects on body, mind, and spirit.

There are also different types of yoga, which can be practiced by following some courses or at home.

With this first part of our yoga series, we want to learn everything we need to know about this discipline, its real message and why it is so good for our body and soul.

Let's find out more about this magnificent discipline that today sees all the fans in the world connected thanks to virtual challenges and social media.

What is yoga

Yoga is a discipline of oriental origin, able to bring wellness and benefits to the health of body, mind, and spirit, through the execution of physical exercises, meditation, and breathing.

The word "yoga" derives from the Sanskrit "yug", which means "to bind together", "to unite", "to concentrate attention" and "to apply", but above all it has the meaning of union: the union, therefore, of all the parts of our being, that is of body, mind, and spirit, which must be in perfect balance between them.

There are so many existing forms of yoga, each of which has its own characteristics: yoga is based, in fact, on the maintenance of certain positions - known as Asana - on the control of breathing - called Pranayama - and on the dominion of the mind.

So what is yoga for?

Yoga is a practice that can give a unique feeling of well-being 360 degrees: the exercises that affect it can activate all the muscles of the body; the static position allows to control the depth and the frequency of the breath; while, the slowness of movements and silence promote relaxation, improving self-awareness.

The origins of yoga

Yoga has very ancient roots: it is, in fact, a practice born in past centuries, in the regions that today are part of North India. Originally, it was an exclusively meditative and ascetic discipline, which was used to maintain control over one's sensations, harmonizing - at the same time - the body with the mind and circulating the vital energy with the movement of the body: in the oriental version of yoga, therefore, the latter facilitated above all the liberation of the energy channels that pass through the body, allowing the flow of energy so as to maintain a good state of health.

Yoga styles

There are many types and styles of yoga existing: perhaps, the most known version in the West is Hatha Yoga, but the types of yoga are much more numerous. In the next article of our yoga series, we are going to learn something more about the best known and most incredible yoga styles, one at a time. Until the next time!


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