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3 Reasons To Reach For Healthy Snacks When It’s Snack-time!


You know that moment where you’re in the mood for a snack to keep you going, but it’s not quite lunch or dinner time yet? You’re in-between meals and aren’t in a place to or just don’t have the energy to find some quick food. The temptation to reach for an unhealthy snack packed with sugar, preservatives, and genetically-modified ingredients can be strong. However, let’s take a look at 3 reasons to reach for healthy snacks instead.

 1. You’ll Satisfy Your Cravings

When you reach for unhealthy snacks, they normally don’t have the vitamins or minerals that will tell your brain that you’re satisfied. Instead of your brain telling you that you’re done snacking, it has to rely on your stomach being so physically full that you can’t possibly snack even more. If you look at a snack such as Tiger Nuts, for example, it has the right combination of vitamins and minerals to keep you from overindulging and taking in more calories than you need to that day.

 2. Unhealthy Snacks Are Packed With Too Much Sugar

Consuming too much sugar is linked to a long list of health issues from heart diseases to type 2 diabetes. It’s only suggested to take in about 24 to 37 grams of sugar daily. Consuming a single row of Oreo cookies alone is double the amount of your daily sugar intake. Reaching for a healthy snack such as Tiger Nuts contains only 7 grams of natural sugar per serving size of 32 grams.  

 3. Unhealthy Snacks Could Be Bad For Your Heart

You need to reach for snacks with a high amount of monosaturated fats. That’s because they could help lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Many unhealthy snacks are bad for your cholesterol, but healthy snacks, such as Tiger Nuts, contain the healthy fats needed to lower your risk of heart diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

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Jack Sims - CEO Tiger Nuts USA



5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Walk


You know walking is good for you and you want to do it, but you can't seem to find the motivation to get on that treadmill or take a stroll around your neighborhood. And, if you're typically a couch potato, it can be even more challenging. But, there are things you can do to motivate yourself. Here are five tips you can follow to incite yourself to walk.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

When first starting out, if you set a huge goal that has you dreading even the thought of walking, you're going to overwhelm yourself and will likely face inevitable plateaus. This can be discouraging and keep you from even trying. Instead, start off with several small, realistic goals you know you can accomplish and then progress as you go. 

But, you don't want to start off too small. So, set goals that’ll challenge you enough to motivate you to walk, but won't be too challenging where you become overwhelmed. For instance, start off with a goal, let's say, to walk three days a week, 30 minutes each day and then you can gradually work your way up to five days a week.

  1. Give Yourself a Reward for Reaching Milestones

After you've set some goals, providing yourself with an incentive for hitting each milestone can be that extra push you need to get out there and start walking. Your reward can be anything from a healthy treat, like Tiger Nuts, to a massage and a new pair of walking shoes.

  1. Get Yourself a Walking Buddy

Have a friend come along with you on your walks or even someone you can check in with each day to hold you accountable. They can give you that gentle nudge if you don't send them a daily message letting them know you walked that day. Remember, even Fido can be a great walking buddy.

  1. Use an App or Gadget

Different gadgets and apps on your phone can help you track your steps. Many fitness watches, pedometers, and apps will let you know the length of time (and distance) you've walked and how many calories you've burned. You can use the data from this technology to improve your steps or minutes walked with each walking session. 

  1. Join a Walking Group

It can be hard to stay motivated to walk by yourself. Many individuals prefer walking groups for the social aspect of it. It’s a great way to take your mind off of walking and make the time fly by. You can meet others who are trying to stay fit and be more active. You can be accountable for each other and motivate each other. It’s a way to socialize that also benefits your health, making it a win-win activity.

There are many ways to motivate yourself to walk. Find one or more ways and just get out there and get going. Sometimes, motivation shows up once you've started. So, simply forcing yourself out the door and getting going may be all you need to inspire motivation.

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Jack Sims - CEO Tiger Nuts USA


Avoid Dieting, Make Positive Changes Instead

Here's a terrific article that we found and hopefully it will help stimulate you or please share with a friend who is looking to make a change in 2020!

Why is it that merely saying the "D" word, you know "diet" brings immediate thoughts of failure to the minds of many men and women around the world?

Could it be that we have all learned through trial and error that diets simply do not work? I know many of you are sitting back with jaws dropped at the moment.

After all, this is an article about dieting, right? It is and it isn't. Dieting is the kiss of death for many while a new phase in your life or lifestyle adjustment may be just the thing that will mean success for you and your fitness and health goals.

Eating for some is an addiction. Unfortunately, you can't exactly give up eating all together as a smoker can give up cigarettes. I'm not implying by any means that giving up cigarettes is easy but how much more difficult would it be if you were forced to have three a day? At that point you may as well enjoy them every time the urge hits right?

The same holds true for food. You must eat in order to survive. You cannot live without eating. This means that if food is a problem in your life, you must find a healthier way of viewing food. Isn't this where diets generally come in handy? The short answer is no. This is where diets often fail. Diets do very little to change how we view food. In fact, most diets only serve to tell us which foods are good, which foods are bad, and which foods (typically most of the foods we enjoy most) are strictly taboo.

Diets begin by forcing people to feel deprived or punished. And no one likes to feel either of these things. Even worse however, is that we punish ourselves further when we slip along the straight and very narrow pathways upon which our diets place us. This means that we are going to wallow in guilt over every little miss-step we make until we give up all together and decide to over indulge once again and ignore the guilt In order to have real success you must make a lifestyle change.

This is the only way that you will be able to shed those unwanted pounds without experiencing the horrible guilt that so many dieters go through each and every step of the way with their diets. Set goals for yourself. Keep them aggressive but realistic for fitness, dropping pounds, and eating new healthy foods.

Even if your goal is as simple as eating 5 vegetable servings a day it is a great place to start. Change your way of eating. Then change your way of seeing food and you will experience amazing changes in your attitudes toward your health, your body, and even your fitness level.

As the first pounds begin to drop you will begin to experience more energy and less pain when exercising. This should help keep you motivated to do even more as time goes by.

Do not think that long term weight loss goals will be as easy to achieve as the first five or ten pounds. Consistency is vitally important when making these lifestyle changes. Take each day as it comes and begin again the very next day. This means that even if you fall completely "off the wagon" today, you can start over tomorrow. The trick is in staying the course more days than not and learning moderation and balance when it comes to straying from the straight and narrow.

There are many ways to fail when it comes to dieting and I know people who have failed in almost every one I can possibly imagine. There is no way to fail, however, when you are making positive changes in your life that are getting positive results. It may take weeks, months, or even years to reach your goal. As long as you are making steady and continuous efforts and progress, you are doing many great things for your health and well being.

Jack and the team at Tiger Nuts USA