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Tiger Nuts Prove The Newest Superfood To Stifle Stress

In today’s demanding times, millennial's are looking for new ways to combat stress and remain focused on their busy lives. Recent reports by the American Institute of Stress revealed that 80 percent of workers feel undue stress because of their occupation and are seeking food solutions to battle this issue.

Tiger nuts are one trending “super-food” that has been shown to have many health benefits including calming anxiety.

Nuts To Stress And Weight Loss

Tiger nuts, also known as chufa, are not actually nuts, but rather edible tubers.

They’re the size of a chickpea with a chewy texture and a sweet flavor similar to coconut. These tubers contain several ingredients that can combat stress, including magnesium which we lose from our body when stressed which only exacerbates anxiety. Each 100 gram serving of tiger nuts contain 17 percent of the recommended daily dose of magnesium bolstering the body to better fight stress.

In addition, for stress relief, experts suggest incorporating a good dose of fiber into the system to prevent constipation and keep the digestive tract in good shape. Tiger nuts are naturally high in fiber which beyond benefiting regularity also provides the benefit of quicker satiety. Thus, incorporating tiger nuts into your diet, you’ll feel full faster and avoid overeating which is another main cause of weight gain.

Stress Relief And Other Tiger Nut Benefits

Stress for today’s millennial's, both at home raising children and especially in the work-space, can be challenging to manage. Meeting self-imposed or boss-related goals is a constant uphill battle. Even traffic-heavy commutes in an industry such as traveling nursing or sales will add extra stress. Including a bag of tiger nuts in the car or briefcase for a quick snack can alleviate the onset of stress.

Additionally, tiger nuts are high in resistant starch, which reduces blood sugar spikes and helps curb hunger pains making them a natural weight-loss solution. High in fiber, the tuber improves digestion by quickly breaking down foods, relieving bloating and gas in your system. Researchers have also linked tiger nuts to better blood circulation which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Tiger nuts have been around for nearly 4000 years, but only recently have humans discovered their vast array of health benefits. They are also an excellent snack substitution for people with food issues as they are free of gluten, actual nuts, dairy and allergens. Today as we stress to compete in the hectic game of life, these crunchy tubers provide a natural way to not worry and be happy. 

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The Team at Tiger Nuts

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If you have not heard of Tiger Nuts before, they are probably the "Healthiest 'single source' snacks on the market", and have been for over 4000 years. Plus they are Gluten Free, Nut Free (they are TUBERS), Dairy Free, Non GMO, Non Allergenic, Paleo Perfect and Kosher too!

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Paleo Magazine review of our Tiger Nuts!

The following article appeared in Paleo Magazine, hope you like it

“The Paleo diet is not a historical reenactment.”

We hear this phrase over and over, most often in defense of modern foods like nut flours and butters, or the occasional square of dark chocolate. But what if it could be? What if there were a tasty, portable snack that could help bridge the gap between modern cave people and our Paleolithic ancestors?

The next time the “modern food” issue comes up in a debate, toss a bag of tiger nuts at the dissenter.

Tiger nuts are not nuts at all, but are in fact the tuberous root of a wild grass that originated on the African continent. Commonly called chufa sedge, nut grass or earth almond, the tiger nut is experiencing a culinary resurgence in Spain, where it is commonly enjoyed as horchata, a creamy, dairy-free beverage made from tiger nuts, dates and filtered water.

Considered “the world’s first cultivated food,” evidence points to widespread consumption of tiger nuts in ancient Egypt. The dried tubers have been found in predynastic Egyptian tombs from 600 years ago, and current research on hominid development point to tiger nuts—or a similar starchy tuber—as one of the key food sources for early humans. Tiger-Nuts_Web

Tiger nuts boast about 33 percent fiber, and thus offer a good source of prebiotic fuel for gut flora. Additionally, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper are abundant in tiger nuts, and they offer a rich source of resistant starch. But these tubers aren’t all starch and no substance. With a lipid profile similar to that of olive oil, tiger nuts have a macronutrient ratio almost identical to that of human breast milk.

Tiger nuts grow much like potatoes: The leafy stalks spring up from the ground, while below the surface of the earth, clusters of these little tubers are knit together by fine filaments of root. They only grow in certain parts of the world—climate and soil health are big factors—and the ones currently sold by Tiger Nuts USA are cultivated in Valencia on the eastern coast of Spain.

Tiger Nuts USA offers two varieties, peeled and unpeeled, although Paleo Magazine only received the peeled tubers to sample. Packaged in a 5-ounce bag, the company’s (appropriately named) Tiger Nuts are small, and look a bit like lumpy beige golf balls or round, shelled peanuts with their pitted skin. Their nutty texture is similar to that of the macadamia, and they have a toasted, sweet flavor. In fact, some of the best descriptors for the flavor of these tubers are those shared with the honey-nut cereals that made their rounds in pre-Paleo-diet breakfasts.

The tubers are absolutely packed with fiber, and this can make them a little tough to chew. But after the first bite or two, they release moisture and sweetness, and just a handful is extremely satisfying.

The Tiger Nuts USA website recommends them as a great snack for anyone with blood sugar control issues, dairy or gluten intolerances, nut allergies (remember, they’re a tuber) or just a general snacking habit. The high mineral content and extreme satiation would indeed make these little tubers a good snack for anyone pursuing nutrient density on a Paleo diet, and if you imagine hard enough, you may be able to feel the breezes of the African plains as you munch on this truly Paleolithic snack.

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