French Culinary Expert - AIP Warrior

French Culinary Expert - AIP Warrior

Meet Bea Caillet. 

Bea Caillet

Bea is a passionate French foodie and autoimmune disease warrior on a remarkable journey to health and well-being. She has faced the challenges of an autoimmune disease since childhood, with a diagnosis finally coming at the age of 25. For almost 11 years, she relied on strong painkillers to manage her condition, until one day, she decided to take control of her health naturally.

A Mission to Inspire Others

Determined to focus on holistic healing, Bea transformed her life. In less than two years after making significant dietary changes, she achieved a remarkable milestone—she became medication-free. Recognizing that healing from an autoimmune disease encompasses more than just dietary adjustments, she embarked on a mission to inspire others.

The Joy of Eating

And so, "Go Healthy with Bea" was born, a platform where she shares her journey, natural healing insights, and a treasure trove of mouthwatering recipes catering to gluten-free, AIP, and even Whole30 diets. Her approach to nutritional healing is anything but one-size-fits-all, aiming to help individuals discover dietary choices that align with their unique health needs and lifestyle. Her goal is to empower you to savor a gluten-dairy-egg-whatever-free diet without sacrificing taste or the joy of eating. 

A Culinary Expert

She's living proof that being gluten-egg-cow dairy free doesn't mean relinquishing the pleasure of a good meal. Bea knows that enjoying your food is pivotal to staying committed to a health-focused lifestyle.  Bea has created numerous recipes with Tiger Nuts from her famous coconut-free banana bread and gluten free pumpkin muffins to a mouthwatering AIP pie crustfudgy vegan brownies and many more.  

Her recipes are delicious! As an emerging expert in culinary nutrition and health, you'll be hearing more about Bea in the coming weeks.  We encourage you to learn more about her and her Tiger Nuts Recipes as part of your own health journey.

Fun Facts

  • Bea is a true Parisian, born, raised and continues to reside in the city of lights.

  • Her family has a long history in the food and feed industry and was taught from a young age how to select quality ingredients.

  • Her favorite Aunt, whom she visits often, resides in California.

Explore the Versatility of Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range of uses across a variety of dietary preferences, including gluten-free, AIP, paleo, and vegan. They offer a nutritious alternative with flour, oil, chopped and sliced varieties that bring diversity to your meal and recipe choices, creating flavorful meals that won't compromise on nutrition.

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