Spookalicious Tiger Nuts Recipes

This Halloween stay clear of the Gluten Goblins and other Gouls that can compromise your health!   Enjoy are some of our favorite Gluten free, Vegan, AIP and Paleo recipes made with our velvety smooth Tiger Nuts USA Flour from French Culinary Expert and Autoimmune Warrior Bea Caillet.


Fudgy Vegan Brownies Gluten free, AIP and Paleo: A yummy homemade treat that feels like pure indulgence. Easy to make and store in the freezer for a fudgy taste of heaven made with Tiger Nuts Flour. Go ahead, have a brownie (or two).  



Apple Cinnamon Muffins Gluten free, Vegan, Paleo, AIP:  What’s better than warm, moist cinnamon apple muffins straight from the oven? These are a fall morning favorite that you can enjoy all day long!


Coconut Free Banana Bread a moist banana bread that’s also gluten free, grain free, paleo, vegan, AIP compliant, coconut free and cassava free.  This is a great recipe using Tiger Nuts Flour.  If you are allergic to coconut...this is the recipe for you! 


AIP Pie Crust a deliciously versatile AIP Pie Crust made with Tiger Nut Flour.  The perfect foundation for all your sweet pies and tarts. 

Learn more about Bea and her amazing journey back to health through nutrition that doesn’t compromise on flavor.     


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