Tiger Nuts USA Launches Nut-Free, Healthier Alternative to Sliced Almonds

Newburgh, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2019 --

Tiger Nuts Inc, the original importers of Tiger Nuts to America, is announcing the launch of its amazing new line extension, "SLICED Tiger Nuts". They are made from their Premium Organic Tiger Nuts, which of course are Gluten Free, Organic, Nut Free, High in Fiber, Paleo, Non-Allergenic, Non-GMO and Kosher too.

They say, "You will love new SLICED Premium Organic Tiger Nuts, especially as they have less fats than Sliced Almonds and of course are NUT-FREE too."

Tried slicing or chipping a Tiger Nut, or any other similar shaped product? It can be tough. So it looks like the company has taken the donkey work out of it for consumers. Now they can open a bag and sprinkle them on top of their morning yogurt or fruit, even mix with their favorite cereal or salads. Many Tiger Nuts customers are already baking with their amazing Premium Organic Tiger Nuts Flour, and the chances are that once they hear about "Sliced Tiger Nuts" they will want to add them to cookies or sprinkle them on Tiger Nuts Muffins or Bread".

Tiger Nuts USA claims that Tiger Nuts are probably the "Healthiest single source snack food on the market." All of the Tiger Nuts products can be found at http://www.tigernutsusa.com.

About Tiger Nuts USA
Tiger Nuts USA are the original importers of Tiger Nuts to the USA, they manufacture all of their products in their organic facilities and comply with USDA and FDA requirements. Tiger Nuts products are sold in health food retailers from coast to coast and at their online store.

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CEO, Tiger Nuts Inc.
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The relationship between yoga practice and your diet

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Is the practice that changes your diet or is it the diet that affects your practice? What do the ancient texts say about yogic food and how can it be adapted to today's world?

The type of food we are looking for reflects our development. The state of consciousness is revealed from the nature of the food one chooses. Yoga and Ayurveda empathizes a purely vegetarian or sattvic diet - a diet that helps the development of sattva, the supreme quality of love, peace and consciousness.

The Bhagavad Gita says:

    Men who are pure (sattva) like pure foods: those who bring health, mental power, strength and long life; They are tasty, soothing and nutritious, and they give happiness to the heart of man.

    Rajasic men like rajasic food. Acid and bitter, salty and dry, which brings heaviness, disease and pain.

    The men of darkness (tamas) eat rancid and insipid food, rotten or from the previous day, impure, unfit as a holy offering.

What is a satvic diet? 

The basis of sattva is the attitude of ahimsa (non-violence). A sattvic diet is primarily vegetarian, which seeks to avoid any product that involves killing or harming animals. Satvic foods should be natural and fresh foods, preferably organic, and should be taken as naturally as possible, raw, steamed or lightly cooked.

 Among the satvic foods we can find the following: ·        

  • Cereals such as quinoa, oats, rice, millet, corn, etc. Cereals will serve to provide our body with carbohydrates and amino acids that serve to synthesize proteins.·        
  • Legumes that provide protein.·        
  • Dairy products such as milk or butter. When consuming dairy products, it must be done in moderation. An excess of dairy consumption increases mucus production and makes breathing difficult.·        
  • Tubers, like the ones offered in our products! High in nutrition, low in fats and 100% organic!·        
  • Fruits and vegetables.When talking about fruits we also talk about juices from them. Juices provide vitamins, minerals and fiber to our body. In addition, they contain alkaline substances that serve to clean the blood.·        
  • Vegetable oils such as sesame, olive, coconut or ghee (clarified butter)·        
  • Nuts and seeds such as nuts, almonds, sesame, etc.·        
  • Sweeteners that are used in the satvic diet should be natural such as honey, molasses or maple syrup.·        
  • Sweet spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, cumin, coriander, curcuma, mint and basil.·        
  • Herbal infusions, natural water and fruit juices.·        
  • Food prepared with the attitude of love and awareness.

The era of bad food 

The right diet is not only a matter of type of food, but also of the quality of food and the quality of food in our culture is generally low. Poor food quality begins with poor soils, chemical fertilizers, and the use of insecticides and herbicides, with unknown long-term effects. Poor food quality is aggravated by premature harvest, artificial maturation, long transport and refrigeration that often eliminates any possible vitality of the plant. In addition to all this comes food processing, which may include irradiation, freezing and preserving, along with additives and preservatives of all kinds. As if this were not enough, our cooking procedures involve microwaves, and an excess use of oils, fats, sugar, salt and spices. The result is that we are not eating our food, it is our food that "eats us", providing not so much nutrition, but fertile soil for toxins. 

This modern food dilemma is making us more aware of our diets. We have to learn to grow our own food, support local and organic farmers, and become politically active in environmental issues. Food is the sacred root of life. If we compromise it, we are putting our own health and happiness at risk.

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Why you need healthy nutrition in your life

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Proper nutrition based on healthy eating is a factor that helps us stay healthy and active. This is achieved by including all nutritive groups and content in the food pyramid in our daily diet in a balanced way. These food groups are made up of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, responsible for providing all the vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and other nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy and therefore function properly.

Benefits of a good diet

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of nutrition and the practice of some physical activity to maintain a healthy weight. However, the benefits of good nutrition go beyond having an ideal weight. Good nutrition also offers a number of additional benefits:

It reduces the risk of some diseases, including heart conditions, diabetes, stroke, some types of cancer and osteoporosis

Regulates blood pressure

Regulates intestinal transit

Regulates high cholesterol

Improves the immune capacity to fight diseases

Improves the ability to recover from a disease or injury quickly

Provides the necessary energy to keep you active all day

Helps you look younger longer due to the consumption of necessary antioxidants

It helps you live a longer, healthier life

As we believe in a healthy nutrition we created Tiger Nuts products ; delicious organic allies to add to your diet in order to enjoy nature’s bounty, connect with your body and really feel the difference with every bite! Did you know, that a healthy diet is a foundation of a yoga practice? Let’s see why together in the next step:

How a good diet is the ideal complement to yoga, meditation and other practices

In other articles on our site we told you about the various benefits of having yoga sessions, meditation and other practices that seek to feed and strengthen the spirit, body and mind. We also told you that these practices need healthy habits to make sense within a whole. The habit of healthy eating is surely the most important of them all.

Healthy eating will not only give your body (including the brain) everything it needs to be "fit" (read, prepared). Also, it is directly related to the way in which our moods behave, our predisposition to different factors of life and - although it sounds repetitive - our mental strength for the adoption of healthy habits.

There are preventive aspects, which are the ones that will directly hinder any healthy practice (be it yoga, meditation, walking, etc.).For instance, excessive consumption of red meat or sugars will be detrimental to the quality of your exercising.

As in any sport and physical / mental practice, a balanced diet is recommended before and after it. The consumption of cereals, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins must be balanced but it is necessary. A light feeding before and a blunt feeding after. We don’t think about quantity, but about everything that is quality and has been consumed in physical or mental practice.


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