What do Tiger Nuts Taste Like?


This is a questions we get asked all the time, and here is the besat answer we can give.

They have a slightly earthy flavor with a tinge of natural sweetness. Tiger nuts have a pecan-like sweetness and are akin to Brazil nuts or even Macadamia nuts. So, what's the flavor of tiger nuts in general? Sweet potato, pecan, and a hybrid between a firm fig and a Brazil nut. The good news is that they're also seriously healthy too.

So while answering this questions we figure why not answer the other "What" questions we get about Tiger Nuts, so here goes:

What does Tiger Nuts Flour Taste like?

It tastes like Tiger Nuts, but in Flour form, because all our tiger Nuts Flour is milled Tiger Nuts with NOTHING Added, it's that simple! Here's a link to the finest Tiger Nuts Flour on the market:https://tigernutsusa.com/products/new-tiger-nuts-flour-100-organic-100-gluten-free-100-allergen-free

What does Tiger Nuts Butter taste like?

It has a rich creamy texture that tastes just like Tiger Nuts, but when you add Chopped Tiger Nuts to the mix, it creates a whole new sensation, here'a link to help you make your own Tiger Nuts Butter: 


How do you make Tiger Nuts Milk?

Easy, follow this link: 


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