Achieving health and fitness through healthy diet

Because of so many illnesses and chronic diseases that occur among people through the years, more and more individuals are playing attention to their health and fitness because these would help them combat certain medical conditions.

Today, one of the major reasons why people are overweight or suffer from minor and major health risks is that they don’t practice having a healthy diet.

Effective formula for a healthy diet Healthy diet—which include eating balanced amount of food from all food groups—along with exercise or regular physical activity can lessen people’s inclination to health problems. Doctors say that though basic principle of healthy diet is simple, there are those people who are having a hard time sticking to it.

The major reasons behind this include a super busy lifestyle, work that causes a lot of stress or even an environment that is not conducive to having a healthy diet. Despite hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, people can start and maintain a healthy diet if they really want to.

Experts say that nothing is impossible to formulating and effective diets plan if one really wants to achieve a healthy mind and body. For starters, experts advise a mix up food choices from each food group. Eating a large variety of foods and veggies can also serve as a warm up in avoiding the foods that contribute to drastic weight gain. Having a balanced intake of calcium-rich foods, whole grains, and protein-rich products will also keep you in track.

To be able to maintain eating a healthy diet, you must also know your restrictions of fats, salt and sugars levels, and intakes.

Lastly, you must monitor your body weight regularly for you to determine if your body is absorbing all the nutrients that it needs.

When do you know if your diet is healthy? Being free from any illness or medical condition is the major determinant that a person is healthy. For those who are having a hard time identifying what is healthy on their diet and which are now, here are some tips for you.

Experts say that a diet is healthy if it is: - based on starchy foods such as bread, cereals, rice, pasta, and potatoes because they are a good source of energy—not to mention being the main source of a range of nutrients of a person’s diet like fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin B; - loaded up a lot of fruits and veggies such as orange, apples, celery, broccoli, carrots, beans and peas because eating at least 5 portions of any variety can provide the vitamins the body needs and it also satisfies hunger without having to worry about fats and excess carbohydrates; - filled with fish dishes that have high amounts of fish oil because it can provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that are not available to other food groups; - low on saturated fats and excess sugars such as meat pies, sausages, hard cheese, butter and lard, pastry, cake, biscuits, cream and the others because they are high in complex calories stored in the muscles and sugars that can cause tooth decay. - less in salt content because experts believe that goods that are high in salt or meals that uses too much salt can raise the person's blood pressure which can lead to more complicated diseases especially those related to coronary illnesses; and - high in water content because experts believe that for a person to achieve optimum health and fitness, he or she should take in lots and lots of water and foods that are high in fluid content to keep the body well-hydrated.

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Phytosterols To Battle High Cholesterol

Here's another article from our good friend, Jennifer Dawson

It is amazing to think that around 78 million adults in the U.S. have cholesterol levels which are high enough to put them at a risk for heart disease and stroke. You may have heard a lot about polyphenols, flavonols, and other antioxidants that boost health and help keep cholesterol levels down, but don't forget phytosterols: plant compounds that can play an important role in healthy aging. Found in foods like tiger nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes, they have been found to lower serum LDL cholesterol by 8%-10%. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, they can go a long way towards keeping cholesterol-related disease at bay.

How do phytosterols lower 'bad cholesterol' levels in blood?

Studies have shown that the main benefit of phytosterols is their ability to interfere with the absorption of cholesterol. The only side effect phytosterols have is that they can also impede the absorption of carotenoids (one of many antioxidants that promote heart health and keep aging at bay). If you are the family cook, you can easily compensate for this effect by adding carotenoid-rich foods to your meals, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, or spinach to your diet. If someone else is preparing your meal or you have catered menus delivered, mention the importance of these foods to your caterer or nutritionist.

Tiger nut oil boosts your phytosterol count.

Consider alternating cold-pressed, extra-virgin tiger nut oil with your favorite healthy cooking and preparation oils for ultimate cholesterol reducing power. As noted in  "From a nutritional perspective, one of the key differences between tiger nut oil and olive oil is that tiger nut oil is much higher in phytosterols: Tiger nut oil contains 986.49 of phytosterols mcg/g, whereas olive oil only contains 100 mcg/g." Thus far, existing studies have as yet to prove a link between phytosterols and a lower risk of heart disease. However, the cholesterol-busting effects of taking just 2gr of phytosterols per day have been proven to lower LDL cholesterol levels by up to 10%, as mentioned above. You may find it useful to alternate tiger nut oil with other healthy oils such as flaxseed and cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, which contain heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

Additional benefits of phytosterols.

Phytosterols may have antioxidant properties, which means that they support the integrity of cell membranes. Studies have also been shown that beta-sitosterol (a type of phytosterols) may be helpful in managing prostate enlargement. Finally, preliminary research shows they may aid in maintaining a normal hair growth rate.

There are many ways that you can reduce your 'bad cholesterol' levels, including the adoption of a healthy Mediterranean-style diet and the consumption of healthy oils such as cold-pressed, extra-virgin tiger nut oil. Use common sense and ensure you enjoy a moderate amount of a variety of healthy, seasonal foods, also using a blend of oils, each of which has unique benefits for human health.